Al Mack

Marketing Director- The Loan Man

I am a serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping people reach their financial goals and targets – for themselves and their businesses. This passion is what drove me to create a financial marketing company offering practical everyday financial products for the financially disenfranchised as well as providing practical knowledge for the mid to high-leveled income individuals, with an introduction of the FLAGSHIP financial product.

THE NO PAYMENT LOAN helps current homeowners who are in foreclosure save their homes while regaining financial stability to refinance with a lower rate in the future by placing them in our proprietary credit repair program. Through deep-rooted industry relationships and state-of-the-art technology, we connect borrowers to the appropriate sources of capital, and investors to asset acquisitions amongst other exclusive services.

At the onset of COVID-19, businesses around the world had their supply chains disrupted, and their liquidity and working capital handicapped while sending individuals seeking new income due to employment losses and small business owners scrambling to an unfamiliar internet frontier.

Recognizing these challenges, I initiated a business unit (known as 7-11) specifically dedicated to empowering Individuals on 7 simple principles: and Businesses 11.


  • Form Your Corporation
  • Repair your Credit
  • Start your Business
  • Build your Brand
  • Marketing
  • Set up your retirement
  • Buy a home

Business Owners

  • Start a new corporation
  • Repair Your Credit
  • Continue or Start a New Business
  • Build your brand
  • Marketing
  • Build your business credit
  • Get Funding
  • Raise Capital
  • Ensure your investors
  • Set up Your retirement
  • Buy a home

THE LOAN MAN educates and connects individuals and business owners with strategies to navigate these challenges in an optimal organized manner all on one platform

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Phone: (866) 566-6267


No Payment Foreclosure Loan

The Loan Man is now offering its Foreclosure NO PAYMENT Loan, due to the economic distress many people have lost their jobs and face the imminent threat of foreclosure. The Loan Man is now offering a Specialized Financing Solution to get you back on the road to financial solvency.


Credit Repair

Credit doesn’t have to be confusing. The Loan Man understands how important your credit is when seeking a home loan, personal unsecured lines of credit, or business lines of credit. The Loan Man’s credit department will challenge collections, judgments, bankruptcies, charge-offs, and foreclosures with optimal efficiency


Turn your Conventional and VA Buyers into Cash Buyers

Exclusive Conventional and VA Residential Lending program will turn you into a CASH BUYER. Through this program, BUYER ACCEPTED will purchase your new home all cash and sell it back to you. Just Click CASH BUYER, get qualified and and start looking with the confidence of a Better Business Bureau A+ Lender that will turn you into a CASH BUYER.