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Commercial Real Estate Loans

As an entrepreneur, you know that the success of your business will depend on several factors, from being organized, analyzing your competitors, providing outstanding service to effectively taking care of your commercial property especially, if you are starting your own business.

Whether you have already started your business and are now seeking to expand, renovate your property or you are looking to purchase one, The Loan Man is here to provide you with the assistance you need to help you further understand how your business can benefit from Commercial Real Estate Loans.

The Loan Man has partnered with a nationwide commercial mortgage company that works with hundreds of commercial real estate lenders in the United States. Brokerage is the key to success. Our partners take the time to get the proper information about our clients’ loan requests to properly place their file with the best available lender.

The Loan Man Offers Commercial Real Estate Loans in the Following Categories:

  • Bank Loans (Conventional and SBA loans).
  • Bank Alternate Stated loans (these lenders are not banks and borrowers do not need to submit tax returns to qualify for these types of loans).
  • Renovation loans (for 1-4 unit investment properties and some standard commercial properties).
  • Bridge Loans (for 1-4 unit investment properties and commercial properties) and
  • Ground Up Construction loans (for 1-4 unit investment properties).

Your Business Property’s Financing is Here

Our Commercial Real Estate Loan is going to securely allow you to either renovate or purchase your commercial property by ensuring all steps are properly taken when it comes to commercial properties like office buildings, retails, or shopping centers.

Once you have figured out what sort of commercial property you intend to acquire, reconstruct or develop for your business, the next step is to let us handle all it takes to get started. The Loan Man can get you financed as quickly as you decide to get the process started.

Unlike traditional financial institutions, with The Loan Man, you can take advantage of Covid-19 loans, unsecured line of credit, existing commercial mortgages, even no payment foreclosure loans if that is your case. This is why our clients prefer to work with us.

Here’s What You Need To Get Your Application Started

We know that our clients face different situations. Depending on your financial needs, we would like to share some of the things you need to keep in mind when filing your application for a commercial loan after considering the basics like; credit and income.

The first thing you will need to look at is how well-organized your business finances are. It is essential to be able to Demonstrate Profitability to initiate any commercial loan process. Secondly, think carefully about your Business Space Needs and consider future expansions.

Also, be as specific as you can concerning the property you want. Any decision made at The Loan Man can be based on the Type Of Property and its condition. Lastly, get all your paperwork ready. This can be associated with bank financial statements, any business proposal, and any evidence on your business management.

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